And They Witness Light Across The Sky is a research project documenting the systems of belief concerning the UFO phenomenon. Realised as a published book, the project is available as a collectable hard back art edition, soft cover book, or digital download.

The project explores the cultural reasoning behind notions of such belief – from pop-culture to politics, from New Age religions to folk tales, hoaxes, escapism, and paranoia, much has contributed to the phenomenon of flying saucers, alien abductions and visitors from other worlds.

Combining visual studies of key individuals, with a look at the likely source of their belief structure, the project explores diverse themes and events in an attempt to get to the root of such claims. From suicide cults, to fairy-tale myths, Nazi rocket technologies, to modern Egyptian-themed temples, it is a trip around many strange corners of culture and society. 

The general interest in flying saucers began in the 1940s, most famously with Ken Arnold’s sighting in 1947. A flap of other sightings soon followed, including the supposed UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico. As reported sightings of flying saucers became more common place such claimed encounters became increasingly fantastical, notably with contactees, like George Adamski, who described alien visitors taking him on trips to other planets. Other reports, like those of alien abductions, soon cemented the idea of visiting space aliens into the popular consciousness. 

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