George Lucas’s 1977 feature Star Wars had a massive cultural influence. Released at the end of a turbulent decade for the West, it was a space age fairy tale filled with visual spectacle and feel-good escapism. Star Wars exploded into the perfect pop-cultural storm; it was a refreshing distraction from a decade tired of serious issues and scandals: a messy war in Vietnam, the Watergate scandal, a recession, and the energy crisis. The 1970s was
Generally speaking, very few people, and certainly not many with a decent education, have considered the concept of the Earth being a flat plane (rather than a spherical ball), for a very long time. The understanding that Earth is a large, roughly round-shaped object can be dated back to the 6th Century BCE. However the idea that many during the Middle Ages believed that the Earth was flat is a myth that seems common even
On Halloween night, 2018, Amy Dixon, mother of four, arrived flustered and tearful at Wallsend Police Station in North Tyneside. She presented to police officers a brown jiffy bag containing around eight pills, which she claimed were the drug ecstasy. More disturbingly, Amy recounted, was the manner in which the bag came into her possession. It was collected by her daughter that evening whilst out trick-or-treating in her local neighbourhood of Shiremoor. The pills, which
A touching story concerning a dramatic rescue of survivors trapped in the crumbling towers of the World Trade Center continues to circulate online through social media channels. The story concerns ‘Daisy’, a golden retriever and guide dog to worker James Crane, who was working on the 101st floor of the north World Trade Center tower when the first plane struck on September 11th 2001. So the story goes that on hearing a great explosion several

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