Icarus (2023)


Unique original painting

The feather has meaning across many cultures. Burnt feathers might relate to the prophetic burning firebird of slavic mythology, the immortal phoenix of Greek mythology, or the wings of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun.



10×8″ (254x203mm)

Archival pigment ink, chalk emulsion, and gouache on archival polyester film, mounted on 270gsm Strathmore Bristol acid free paper, and 18mm plywood.

Edged in real walnut strips.


Supplied tissue wraped in a presentation box. Fully recyclable cardboard box, made from 40% recycled boxboard. Tissue paper is made from 99% recycled pulp fibres.


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Weight 0.56 kg
Dimensions 25.4 × 20.3 × 1.8 cm